Annual Conference Ideenforum


The Bionicum is a fascinating museum for interested visitors as well as educators, researchers and innovators.

The goal of the annual conference Bionicum Ideenforum is to gather all these relevant players under one roof and bring them into an exchange with each other.

The conference takes place annually in spring and communicates changing, yet current research topics at the Bionicum – with direct contact to nature in the Zoo Nuremberg.


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Past Conferences Ideenforum Bionicum to browse through

Ideenforum 2024: Climate change – past present future

How species can survive: Zoos as beacons of hope
Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen, Nuremberg Zoo / YAQU PACHA e.V.

Everything was better in the past? Climate and evolution of fossil mammals
PD Dr. Gertrud Rößner, Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology and Geology/SNSB

Plants on the run: Changes for plants in climate change
PD Dr. Andreas Fleischmann, Botanical State Collection Munich/SNSB

Panel discussion and “Mission Earth”
Film screening at the Planetarium Nuremberg

Ideenforum Bionicum 2023

Workshops for schools:
Escape Gamen using robot grippers / Zoo ralley “Bionics Challenge”

Astronauts and robots in space
Adrian Bauer, German Aerospace Center e.V.

My view into space
Dr. Suzanna Randall, Astronaut-in-Training, ESO (European Southern Observatory)

Stars on the run
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heber, Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory, Astronomical Institute

Ideenforum Bionicum 2022 online

Workshop for schools:
Time travel challenge in the classroom

The eternal lure of nectar. How plants communicate with bats. A role model for self-driving cars?

Dr. Ralph Simon, Zoo Nürnberg

→  recorded on YouTube (German)

Ideenforum Bionicum 2021 digital with bayern innovativ

Pecha Kucha & Ask a scientist:

Teresa Walter and Salvatore Chiera, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Matthias Weichselgartner, Institute of Technology Deggendorf
Sarah Haase, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Martin Reimer, Technical University Munich Campus Straubing
Kai Mayer, University Bayreuth
Robin Löffler, Institute of Technology Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm

→ YouTube: Aufzeichnung Vorträge

Ideenforum Bionicum 2020

Workshop for schools:
Upcycling and papercreation from rhino dung / Workshop Can we protect and conserve resources using biomimikry? / Walk-On – Kids.Zoo.Research

Learning from living nature for sustainability strategies
Prof. Dr. Ilse C. Gebeshuber, Technical University Vienna

Magically in best form – sustainable surfaces
Matthias Weichselgartner, Institute of Technology Deggendorf

High-tech optics from nature
Kai Mayer, University Bayreuth and Martin Reimer, Technical University Munich Campus Straubing

Ideenforum Bionicum 2019

Workshop for schools:
Up close and personal: The disgusting challenge in the Bionicum / Bionik hands-on, a project seminar of the Melanchthon Grammar school

Among leeches and snakes
Dr. Sebastian Lotzkat, Natural history musuem Stuttgart

Beauty in the eye of the individual
Dr. Olga Speck, University Freiburg / Kompetenznetz Biomimetik

Where to put all the dung? Dung beetle in the savannah
Dr. Dag Encke, Zoo Nuremberg

Image: Jürgen Otto

Ideenforum Bionicum 2018

Workshop for schools: How do bats and dolphins communicate?

Barking piranhas and sneezing wild dogs: Human and animal communication in comparison
Prof. Dr. Sonja Zeman, University of Bamberg

Microbionics: Really tiny sensors
Dr. Siegfried Steltenkamp, Ophardt-Hygiene Technik

The fascinating world of staurois, waving frogs – communication in noisy environments
Dr. Doris Preininger, Zoo Schönbrunn, Vienna