Zoo Rallyes with your Smartphone


Hunt for bionic traces on your own in the zoo. Well, we have a few tips for you. All offers are free of charge, but at the moment German only.

Rallye with your smartphone, no app

The Bionic Tour is available as a digital rallye – very easy using the browser of your smartphone. With the help of the learning website “LearningSnacks”, your cell phone becomes a hands-on guide through the zoo.

The smartphone rallye is designed for participants 10 years and older. There is one route through the upper and one through the lower part of the zoo.

You don’t have to download anything, just click on the link and off you go…

Let’s start the lower part

Let’s start the upper part

Rallye with the App Actionbound

The rallye takes you about 4 kilometers through the zoo. Along the Bionic Tour you can discover giraffes, dolphins, ibexes and the animals in the Aquapark. At each station there are several quiz questions, tasks or even small competitions within the team. At the end you will find out how the team did in comparison with other groups.

Step1: Download the Acionbound app
Step2: Scan the QR code and off you go…

Rallye with the App Digiwalk

The Digiwalk focuses on information while observing the animals. Explanations are provided  on how they became the source of ideas for technical developments. Pictures, audios and short videos illustrate the information. You visit the dolphins, seals and penguins. You also get the latest bionics news on owls, ostriches and beavers. Either let the app guide you through the zoo or click through the stations from the comfort of your home.

Step1: Download the Digiwalk app
Step2: Scan the QR code and off you go…