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Individual Tours

Whether with friends, family or colleagues: A guided tour at the Bionicum is worthwhile. We offer guided tours in our exhibition as well as outside on the Bionic Tour in the zoo environment.

General costs

You can book a guided tours in the exhibition Bionicum (1 hour) starting from 50 € (applies for a maximum of 15 people).

You can also do the 1.5-hour guided tour followng the Bionic Tour in the zoo. A maximum of 10 persons will cost 70 €. Please bear in mind that this is in addition to the entrance fee for the zoo.

Don’t forget: Weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes.

For companies

Why not think about an individualised offer – a very special robot show, a snack and a cool beverage in addition? We are happy to make a customised offer for you. Just reach out to us…

Education & Learning

Find out what technology can learn from nature. Search for clues – indoors in the Bioncum or outdoors in the zoo!

Our programs are adapted to age groups and can be designed individually.

Educational groups: For a booked tour in the Bionicum exhibition (indoors) the zoo entrance fee can be waived. Just give us a hint prior to your visit. If you book a tour outdoors, consider the zoo entrance fees.

Please arrage your visit four weeks in advance – using the contact form below, or dial (0911) 65 08 45 00. Alternatively E-mail us:

Our educational programs at a glance

Digital Learning

In the age of home schooling and digital learning, the Bionicum has launched numerous online offerings. Just browse through…

Material & Downloads

You find all research forms here – for the permanent exhibition, the special exhibition and the Bionic Tour.

Research forms for the permanent exhibition (German)

Forschungsbogen Dauerausstellung, Klasse 1-2
Forschungsbogen Dauerausstellung, Klasse 3-4
Forschungsbogen Dauerausstellung, Klasse 5-7
Forschungsbogen Dauerausstellung, Klasse 8-10
Forschungsbogen Dauerausstellung, Klasse 11-13

Research forms for the special exhibition (German)

Forschungsbogen “Bionik to the Future”, Klasse 3-4
Forschungsbogen “Bionik to the Future”, Klasse 5-7
Forschungsbogen “Bionik to the Future”, Klasse 8-10
Forschungsbogen “Bionik to the Future”, Klasse 11-13

Research forms for the Bionic tour in the zoo (German)

Forschungsbogen Bionischer Rundgang, Klasse 5-7
Forschungsbogen Bionischer Rundgang, Klasse 8-10
Forschungsbogen Bionischer Rundgang, Klasse 11-13

Permanent Exhibition

In the interactive exhibition of the Bionicum, everyone becomes a researcher. Discover with us what technologies nature has in store for us humans.

Topics of the permanent exhibition

Special Exhibition

Schillernd schön – Iridescently beautiful

Nature is full of colours – from soft nuances to magnificent tones. Not all of them are based on pigments. Some colour impressions are caused by the structure of the surface. Depending on the incidence of light, iridescent colour effects are created.

Luminous butterflies and dazzling beetles also inspired the Augsburg photographer Thomas Büchsemann to take razor-sharp macro pictures. This requires a good eye and a good dose of inventiveness.

In the special exhibition at the Bionicum you find out how many individual steps are necessary for one single photograph. At the same time you observe the fascinating insects up close. Try out how iridescent colors are created in nature and how such surfaces can be produced in the laboratory.

Made possible with materials from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and the Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB).

The FAU has even made a short video for the special exhibition. Take a look and try it out at the Bionicum.


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Impressions of the special exhibition

Please note:

The former special exhibition Bionik to the Future ist still available: You can still do the the time travel with our app Bionik2Future. Just click below…

Bionic Tour

The bionic tour is a discovery trip about bionics through the Nuremberg Zoo. The stations of the bionic tour can be explored independently during the visit to the zoo. We also offer the bionic tour as a guided tour and convey selected topics from the field of bionics in a target group-oriented and descriptive manner.

Bionic Garden

The bionic garden is home to plants that can be models for technical innovations. These range from dirt-repellent facades and weather-sensitive houses to ingeniously folded solar sails for space travel. The Bionic Garden is located at the barrier-free entrance to the Bionicum.

The digital station tells you more: a chirpy bee guides you through the different species you can discover there:



The Bionicum is an interactive exhibition. Both children and adults can immerse themselves in bionics via original exhibits, hands-on experiments and exciting background information.


In addition to the indoor exhibition, we have developed various offers in the open ground. Many animals and plants serve as models for new inventions. In our offers on the grounds of the zoo, the principles of bionics can be experienced live and in color in view of the natural models.